The Village is now closed!
The Village will exceptionally be closed during the Holiday Season this year.
See you as soon as possible
— The Elf in Chief

The Village is closed — Thank you for visiting. Please note that the information on this page is no longer up to date. It will be revised in time for the summer 2021. We are really looking forward to having fun with you again. Please come back later!

Yeah!!!!! We’re having fun at the Village this summer!

Which activities are open/closed?

Great news: almost all activities are available! Santa Claus, the elves, the mascots, the modules, the slides… EVERYONE IS WAITING FOR YOU! For more details, please visit the page Open/Closed. The few exceptions are specified there.

What is being done about COVID-19?

You will certainly appreciate that we take this situation very seriously. The measures are described in detail in the page COVID-19. Since we started our season, everything has gone really well on the distancing and health measures front. People have had a lot of fun… safely!

How to reserve or cancel?

We recommend that you reserve now to ensure a place for the day of your choice by going to the page Entry Fee as the number of people on the VIllage site at the same time cannot exceed a certain limit. The way to cancel (100% refund on the morning of the activity before 8:00 am) is also explained there.

What are the opening hours?

The Village will be open next summer. Come back on this web site to check for the exact dates and other pertinent information.

You have any other questions?

The answer can probably be found in our Frequently Asked Questions. Otherwise, the way to ask us your question is explained there.

Book your place

At the Village du Père Noël, there’s something for everyone! We offer more than 40 activities mainly for children aged 2 to 8, whether they are cautious or adventurous. Depending on their interests and personalities, youngsters can discover new games or rediscover the ones they’ve loved so much and make each visit a unique experience!

The entry fee is $25.00 per person (taxes included), which gives access to all the activities offered on the site. It is free at all times for great-grandparents and children under two years old. Parking is also free.

This year it is necessary to make reservations as we have to make sure that the number of people on the VIllage site at the same time does not exceed a certain limit. You can reserve now to ensure a place, or the same day, at your convenience. It is possible to cancel the morning of the activity before 8:00 a.m. and get a 100% refund. The “Entry Fee” page explains our refund policy in detail.

Opening Hours

The Village will exceptionally be closed during the Holiday Season this year.

Contact Information

987, rue Morin
Val-David (Québec) J0T 2N0

You can contact us at any time by emailing us at or by calling us at 819 322-2146 (1 800 287-6635) ext. 708.

Tourism Awards

We won two other prestigious awards, including the jury’s “Coup de Coeur” Prize at the 2014 Quebec tourism awards. Bravo to the entire team!

“Coup d’éclat” Prize

Those among you who have already been to the Village will understand immediately why we won this award. For everyone else, we invite you to come and see why for yourself!

Our accreditations

What our happy parents say about us
«This year, I’m going back again! I am sure that my boy (3 years old) will find the courage to climb up to the tree house. Last year, he looked at it all day and kept walking around it, but never managed to climb it.»
RenéFrom Laurier
What our happy parents say about us
«We have been going to the Village for several years. My eldest is now 12 years old. She knows the truth about Santa Claus and I was worried that she would be bored to death. Not so. She played the role of big sister perfectly. She still talks about it, which just goes to show that everyone can enjoy the Village.»
CatouFrom Laval
What our happy parents say about us
«I tend to be fearful and I don’t want my children to get too far away from me. Since François is 6 years old and Charles, 4 years old, they don’t have the same interests. They want to play different games, so I have to let one of them go on his own. The Village is the only place where I feel comfortable enough to let my children live their adventures.»
JudithFrom Boucherville

Ever since 1953, Santa Claus has chosen the Village near Val-David as his holiday residence. Every Winter, despite being very busy preparing gifts for all the children around the world, he manages to spend some time with us. Unfortunately, because of sanitary measures, it’s impossible for him to visit this year.

We’ve had to tell him how important our seniors are to us and how much we love them. Of course, Santa understands our concerns and how very much we look forward to seeing them again in the best of health next Summer.


We’ll see you again soon, probably in June, conditions permitting. Santa and Mrs. Claus will once again be with us and we’ll be able to tell them how much we’ve missed them and how very, very glad we are to have them back.