The Village is now closed!
We will see you again during the Holiday Season!
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fabulous memories

A family destination par excellence, Le Village du Pere Noël offers exciting activities, fun challenges and magical moments to share on an enchanting site, in the heart of the Laurentians.

Get your crayons!

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CAA Quebec

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Tourism Awards

We won two other prestigious awards, including the jury’s “Coup de Coeur” Prize at the 2014 Quebec tourism awards. Bravo to the entire team!

“Coup d’éclat” Prize

Those among you who have already been to the Village will understand immediately why we won this award. For everyone else, we invite you to come and see why for yourself!

Our accreditations

What our happy parents say about us
«This year, I’m going back again! I am sure that my boy (3 years old) will find the courage to climb up to the tree house. Last year, he looked at it all day and kept walking around it, but never managed to climb it.»
Renéde Laurier
What our happy parents say about us
«I tend to be fearful and I don’t want my children to get too far away from me. Since François is 6 years old and Charles, 4 years old, they don’t have the same interests. They want to play different games, so I have to let one of them go on his own. The Village is the only place where I feel comfortable enough to let my children live their adventures.»
Judithde Boucherville
What our happy parents say about us
«We have been going to the Village for several years. My eldest is now 12 years old. She knows the truth about Santa Claus and I was worried that she would be bored to death. Not so. She played the role of big sister perfectly. She still talks about it, which just goes to show that everyone can enjoy the Village.»
Catoude Laval