The Village is closed — Thank you for visiting. Please note that the information on this page is no longer up to date. It will be revised in time for the summer 2021. We are really looking forward to having fun with you again. Please come back later!

A full day of activities

At the Village, there’s something for everyone! We offer more than 40 different activities, aimed primarily at kids aged two to eight. Whether they’re cautious or adventurous, children can discover new activities each year that suit their changing interests and personality, making each visit a unique experience.

The COVID-19 pandemic is forcing the Elves to work very hard to adapt Village activities so that they comply with the rules on physical distancing and health measures issued by the Government of Quebec’s public health department. It is with great pride that we inform you that almost all activities are accessible this summer and that they can be carried out in a safe manner by the toddlers. Santa would not want anything to happen to them!

  • Santa and Mrs. Claus are already dreaming of interacting with your children live from the North Pole (in complete safety!). They will be in “telepresence” at Santa’s Residence.
  • All the Elves are so looking forward to seeing you! They are present on site: animation, surpassing oneself… and all full of love to give to your children!
  • The mascots are waiting for you, ready to distribute all their joyful and wild energy! Of course, they are separated from the guests (it will not be possible to exchange hugs). However, the children will keep a memorable souvenir of them… and will leave with very nice pictures!
  • The Magic Show takes place every day at 1:30 p.m. and will amaze the little ones!
  • The play modules, the 4-season tube slides and water slides, all the inflatables, the car circuits, the paddling pool and the super water game are all open.
  • The same applies to the hebertism activities, the boat pool, the climbing modules (the training camp for the future Elves, disinfected harnesses), the tyrolean traverse, the little train and the “Ice Palace”.
  • Toddlers can observe all farm animals (goats, sheep, miniature horses, ponies, alpacas), approach from a safe distance, without being able to pet them.
  • The souvenir videos in The Farfelu are maintained.
  • The interactive floor projection games are open.
  • The souvenir shop and the snack bar are waiting for you.
  • The nursing tent will be accessible.

We are still working to transform certain activities so that they can be carried out safely and comply with public health standards. Until a solution is found, only the pavilion with the ball pool and the potato sack slides will remain inaccessible.

A full page is devoted to the steps you need to take to prepare yourself and your stay at the Village site, while having a wonderful day. The Elf in Chief asks you to read the contents of this page carefully: PREPARE FOR MY DAY. Thank you for your attention!

You can contact us at any time by emailing us at or by calling us at 819 322-2146 (1 800 287-6635).

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Slides and water games: open!

img_activite_glissadeAt Le Village du Père Noël, nothing beats our water games for pure refreshing fun!

The Village has two specially adapted water slides that allow youngsters from 2 to 8 years to have loads of fun and slide in total safety. Unlike water slides for adults, the Village slides do not end on a body of water, but on a safer surface for little ones. So, yes: Santa Claus has thought of everything! A first waterslide introduces them to the joys of the sliding on water while the second is designed for stronger sensations. Good news: Mom and Dad can accompany their children and slide in duos!

You simply want to relax in the water? Try our wading pool!

Adventure trails: ready!

img_activite_hebertismeThe Village has over 20 stations where children can climb, pull themselves up, slide, squeeze through… in short, have fun and challenge themselves, while burning their excess energy!

The Village also offers a training centre for elves! Since all young kids dream to one day accompany Santa Claus and help him to distribute his gifts, they can prepare for the task at the Village by climbing a wall in the shape of a chimney and going up a giant staircase. An electromagnetic retaining device allows them to develop their skills in complete safety.

Farm animals: on-site!

img_activite_fermeIn the Village, it is possible to get up close and personal with many farm animals: goats, sheep, miniature horses, ponies and alpacas. Walking among the animals, the whole family can enjoy the surprising beauty of nature and its animal life.

Magic shows: every day!

img_activite_magieEvery day at 1:30pm during summer, Jeremy James, our in-house magician, puts on a short magic show with Christmas as its theme. This period of calm allows the children to “recharge their batteries” after a good meal.

Santa Claus’ home: accessible!

Santa Claus welcomes the little ones to his residence where he receives their gift list. Learn about the ritual of the pacifier.


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