The Village in the winter

In the winter, Le Village du Père Noël offers visitors a slightly different experience, but just as thrilling!

Most of the summer games (adventure trails, wall climbing, sapin à cordes, ziplines, tree house) are also available during winter. The same applies to the farm animals who are also be on hand to amaze our young visitors.

Some summer games are transformed during the cold season. For instance, the pool becomes a magnificent ice rink while the podium on stage where the magic shows take place is turned into a giant slide for parents and children to slide down on tubes. Also not to be missed: our fun kicksleds!

Concerned for the comfort of his visitors, Santa Claus has provided heated shelters where families can enjoy a picnic without freezing the tips of their noses.

Adventure trails

The Village has over 20 stations where children can climb, pull themselves up, slide, squeeze through… in short, have fun and challenge themselves, while burning their excess energy!
The Village also offers a training centre for elves! Since all young kids dream to one day accompany Santa Claus and help him to distribute his gifts, they can prepare for the task at the Village by climbing a wall in the shape of a chimney and going up a giant staircase. An electromagnetic retaining device allows them to develop their skills in complete safety.

Farm animals

photos-activites-fermetteIn the Village, it is possible to get up close and personal with many farm animals: goats, sheep, miniature horses, ponies and pigs. Walking among the animals, the whole family can enjoy the surprising beauty of nature and its animal life.

Santa Claus’ home

Santa Claus welcomes the little ones to his residence where he receives their gift list. Learn about the ritual of the pacifier.

The Ritual of the pacifier

Twenty years ago, the Village gave birth to a unique custom, when Santa Claus decided one day to collect babies’ pacifiers in a large drawer of his summer residence.

If your child is on the point of giving up their pacifier and just needs a little encouragement, this could be the moment! Parents can prepare their children by explaining that if they give their pacifier to Santa Claus he will take real good care of it.

Suggestion: Discreetly, give Santa Claus a small gift that he will be able to give to your child in return for the gift of the pacifier. You’ll see: the magic never fails.