Welcome aboard the Polar Express!

The mission of the Polar Express is to finance access for socio-economically less advantaged people so that they can benefit from the Village free of charge, through community organizations acting in practically all spheres of personal assistance.

History of the Polar Express

The idea for the Polar Express was born in 2011. That year, the Village was compelled to raise its entrance fee, potentially jeopardizing the ability of some families to come out. Since then, when a community organization meeting certain criteria comes to the Village with their cared-for, admission fees are entirely covered by the “Polar Express Fund”. Over the past ten years, the Fund has been able to absorb approximately $200,000 in admission fees to the Village du Père Noël, and more than 5,000 people have benefited from this program.

The Contribution of Visitors

This philanthropic fundraising activity depends for the most part on donations raised from visitors to the Village. During their visit, the Village offers parents an opportunity to make their children aware of the fact that other young people do not enjoy the same privileges as they do, in the hope that this awareness will develop their sense of mutual aid, altruism and solidarity.

Donations Made Through the Website

The Polar Express Fund also counts among its most important sources of revenue donations that are made directly from the Village Website. You can make a donation through PayPal.

A huge thank you on behalf of all the Elves, and all those who, without your generosity, would not have been able to visit the Village this year, and also on behalf of the community organizations that support them!

Initiatives by Village Employees

The Polar Express Fund owes a great deal to its employees who are clearly and legitimately proud that their employer provides such support to the community. They have launched various initiatives or volunteer their time to promote the Polar Express by participating in its success, outside of the months of the year when they are acting as Elves!

A Huge Thank You to Our Generous Patrons

Finally, it should also be emphasized that the Polar Express Fund regularly benefits from generous contributions from private sponsors who wish to use their financial capacity for the benefit of the common good. By supporting the Village’s cause in favour of children from less favoured socio-economic backgrounds, they derive a sense of achievement and personal satisfaction.

The Community Organizations

All the money collected on behalf of the Polar Express Fund is used exclusively to pay the admission fees of groups through community organizations. As a result, a fairly impressive number of 117 community organizations have been able to pass on the benefits of the Polar Express Fund to their cared-for.

Criteria for Eligibility

Community organizations that meet one or other of the following criteria allow them to benefit from free access to the Village’s site:

  • An organization that supports or offers help to a socioeconomically less advantaged clientele and that would not have the financial means to pay the admission fees and therefore to benefit from the Village;
  • An organization involved in child development or offering support to families;
  • An organization that serves a clientele for whom the Village is not a natural destination because they are struggling with a particular problem, disability, etc.

Organizations Working in All Spheres of Personal Assistance

Here are some of the community organizations whose cared-for, their children, grandchildren, parents, grandparents or great-grandparents have been able to visit the Village since 2011 through the Polar Express:

Child Development or Protection

Fondation du Dr. Julien, Centre Jeunesse de Montréal, Centre Jeunesse de Laval, Fondation CHU Sainte-Justine, Cal en bourg 0-5 ans, École de la Carrière, École Horizon-Soleil, Maison des enfants le Dauphin, L’école des Alizés, École Fleur-des-Neiges, Héberjeune de Parc Extension, L’oasis des enfants, Centre de pédiatrie sociale, and more…

Family Wellness

Maison Pause-Parent, Entre Parents de Montréal-Nord, Escale Famille Le Triolet, Centre d’entraide Racine-Lavoie, Famijeunes de Saint-Henri, Friendship Circle, Maison nouvel horizon, Maison de la Famille du Nord, La Maison des Parents de Bordeaux-Cartierville, Familles en action, Coup de pouce jeunesse, La Maison Parenfant, Le jardin de la famille, Le Relais Familial d’Auteuil, La Maisonnette des Parents, and more…

Women's Aid or Shelters

Maison L’Esther, RFOI, Maison La Source, Le Parados, Maison de Lina, Maison du réconfort, Centre des femmes de Montréal, Single MOMtreal, La Dauphinelle, L’Envol, Maison l’Océane, Regard en Elle, Un rayon de soleil à Montréal-Nord, L’Ombre-Elle, Regard en Elle, and more…

Help for Persons with Specific Disabilities or Difficulties

Autisme Montréal, Maison des femmes sourdes de Montréal, Société Alzheimer, Le Camp Soleil de Melissa, PEHDAA (learning disabilities), APHIL (mentally handicapped people), Intégration Travail, La Maison des parents d’enfants handicapés des Laurentides, Les Services du Chat botté (autism), L’Association de la Rive-Sud pour la Déficience Intellectuelle, L’Association du Québec pour Enfants avec Problèmes Auditifs, Les Papillons de Nominingue, Les Répits de Gaby, Camp Yaldei, and more…

Support in Certain Underprivileged Areas

Mission Bon Accueil, Service de garde chez Caro, Garderie la forêt enchantée, Association Récréative Milton-Parc, SDG L’univers Calinours, CCS Collective Community Services, Sharon Sweeney Community (NDG), École Saint-Octave (Montreal-East), and more…

Camps Offering Respite for Parents

Camp Richelieu, Centre Communidée, Le Centre de répit aux 4 Poches, Le Centre de loisirs adaptés, Centre Marcelle et Jean Coutu, and more…

And countless others with extraordinary vocations!

YMCA (numerous vocations), Club Optimiste (support to organizations), Fondation Marie-Vincent (sexually abused children), Portage mère-enfant (drug-addicted people), Centre Air-Som/Prisme (services to immigrants or refugees), Le Relais de Mascouche (food assistance/baskets), La Mèreveille (perinatal resources), La Chaumière (elderly people), Centre L’Impulsion (adult education), and more…

Eloquent Testimonials

If we are to believe the many testimonials from people who have benefited from the Polar Express by experiencing moments of pure magic, escape and adventure, the experience of the employees who welcomed them, and the gratitude shown by the community organizations themselves, this initiative is one of the best respites that people who are unfortunately struggling with more difficulties than the average person can hope for.